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All About Hair Extensions

All About Hair Extensions

Extensions extensions extensions!!! Pretty much everyone in Hollywood has had them, are wearing them now, or at least are using them for special events. So, let’s talk about them! There are many different brands, colors and lengths. I know most people have many questions about bonding types, how much damage they cause, how much they cost, and how long they stay in. These are the things I always talk about in consultations. A consultation is the first step for ALL extension clients.

I have always loved long, thick hair. So, 5 years ago I attended classes with SO.CAP.USA and have been doing extensions ever since. Here is a little bit of information on SO.CAP.USA from their website: “They use only the best hand selected, 100% European-type human hair that is pre-bonded with 100% Keratin Tips to ensure a healthy, strong and long-lasting bond. SHE by SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions also offers the largest selection of hair types and haircolor for hairstylists to select from. More than 90 haircolor shades are currently available in three different textures: straight, medium wave and curly.”

Although having longer hair is what extensions are used for the most, they are also used for other things. If you have thin hair, extensions are great for thickening it up a bit and giving you a little more body and texture. They are also my first suggestion for funky, fun colors. Having a panel of fun, bright color in your hair always seems like a great idea… until a week later when your awesome, bright color has faded and now just looks weird. Extension don’t fade!!! At all!! Call and make your consultation appointment today

Andrea Beach

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